"The Juggler" is the fourth episode of season one of the supernatural romance series She-Wolf of London. The episode was directed by Gerry Mill with a script written by Jim Henshaw. It first aired on NBC on October 30th, 1990. In this episode, a priest of Satan manipulates a minister's daughter into the clutches of a murderous "Devil Clown".

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  • Series creator Mick Garris is credited as executive consultant in this episode.
  • The concept of a demonic entity that preys on children is also the basis for the 2012 supernatural thriller Sinister.

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  • Ian Matheson: Don't you think you're exaggerating just a bit?
  • Julian Matheson: Just creating a little bit of my own mythology, Professor.


  • Ian Matheson: Ever hear of the myth of The Juggler?
  • Randi Wallace: No.
  • Ian Matheson: In French, 'jongleur' means bell ringer. He's a demon spirit that preys on children. The coven would conjure him up to kill the children of their enemies.
  • Randi Wallace: Why the children?
  • Ian Matheson: What is more beloved to someone than their child? If you really want to get at someone, you kill what is most dear to them.


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