"Nice Girls Don't" is the fifth episode of season one of the supernatural romance series She-Wolf of London. The episode was directed by Roger Chevely with a script written by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin, based on a story treatment by Goldberg, Rabkin and Abbie Bernstein. It first aired on NBC on November 6th, 1990.

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  • Series creator Mick Garris is credited as executive consultant in this episode.

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  • Randi Wallace: : Funny that he thought we were married.
  • Ian Matheson: Funnier than you know.
  • Randi Wallace: : I never really thought about it, but I shouldn't be surprised. After all, we've gone through a lot more together than most married couples.
  • Ian Matheson: There's no disputing that, but...
  • Randi Wallace: : Then again, we're closer than most married couples. After all, how many wives let their husbands chain them up every month?


  • Ian Matheson: Oh, look, now we know what kind of man Ernest Wallingren is, can we please leave?
  • Randi Wallace: : Look, we know he's a smut hound, but the question is, is he a 30-year old smut hound or is he a 90-year-old smut hound?
  • Ian Matheson: No. The question is, what business is it of ours?


  • Randi Wallace: I knew there was more to English television than Masterpiece Theatre.

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