"Curiosity Killed the Cravitz"
Series She-Wolf of London
Season 1, Episode 15
She-Wolf of London (TV Series)
Airdate March 6th, 1991
Writer Lee Goldberg; William Rabkin
Director Brian Grant
Producer Sheldon Pinchuk; Pat Finnegan; Bill Finnegan; Chuck Murray; Tom McLoughlin; Lee Goldberg; William Rabkin
Starring Kate Hodge; Neil Dickson
Previous "Beyond the Beyond"
Next "Habeas Corpses"

"Curiosity Killed the Cravitz" is the fifteenth episode of the 1990-1991 television series She-Wolf of London and the first episode of the show under it's re-branded title Love and Curses. The episode was directed by Brian Grant and written by series producers Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin. It first aired on NBC on Wednesday, March 6th, 1991. In this episode, Professor Ian Matheson loses his position at London University at the same time that Randi Wallace learns about the disturbing death of her friend Ellen Cravitz back home. They decide to relocate to the United States to investigate the matter where Ian lands a new job as the host of a television talk show. Randi's investigation leads her to discover a race of trolls living below the surface who have been killing people and supplanting them with clone duplicates.

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  • Series creator Mick Garris is credited as executive consultant in this episode.
  • Beginning with this episode, the format of the series is retitled Love and Curses to reflect the change in setting for the show from London, England to Los Angeles, California. The series remains under this format for it's final five episodes.
  • The title to this episode is taken from the phrase "Curiosity killed the cat".
  • Final appearance of the Matheson Bed & Breakfast.
  • Final appearance of London University in this series.
  • First appearance of Skip Seville. He will also appear in the five remaining episodes of the series.
  • Actor David Allen Brooks is credited under the name David Alan Brooks in this episode.
  • Chuck Murray signs on as producer of the series beginning with this episode.

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