Sav-a-Bunch shopper
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Sav-a-Bunch shopper
Continuity: True Blood
Type: Minor character
Gender: Female
Location: Louisiana
1st appearance: True Blood: Strange Love
Actor: Lorna Scott

The Sav-a-Bunch shopper was a minor character featured in the HBO television series True Blood. She was played by actress Lorna Scott and appeared in the series' pilot episode, "Strange Love".

Biography Edit

The Sav-a-Bunch shopper came into the Super Sav-a-Bunch home improvement outlet in Bon Temps, Louisiana one afternoon inquiring about a particular kind of freezer curtain, but was unsure of exactly what she wanted. The store's greeter, Tara Thornton, had little patience for the woman's apparent ineptitude and made her opinion of her, her needs and even her wardrobe plainly clear. The woman, naturally upset with her, asked to speak with Tara's manager. Tara screamed for her boss, Waylon, but stated that she would quit before allowing the woman the chance to have her fired. She slapped her boss across the face, quit her job and stormed out of the building. [1]

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  • The character of Sav-a-Bunch shopper was created by writer and director Alan Ball based on concepts originally developed by Charlaine Harris.

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