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Sara Paxton
Sara Paxton
Gender: Female
Medium(s): Film
Roles: Actor
Date of birth: April 25th, 1988
Place of birth: Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California
1st Horror: Return to Halloweentown (2006)

Sara Paxton is an American recording artist as well as a film and television actress. She was born in Woodland Hills, California on April 25th, 1988. Her first work in supernatural fiction was the 2003 film short Haunted Lighthouse, directed by Joe Dante based on a short story by children's author R.L. Stine. She played a character named Ashley. In 2006, Sara played the character of Marnie Piper, aka, Spendora Agatha Cromwell in the fantasy witchcraft film Return to Halloweentown.

Sara's first major role in a horror film was playing the lead character of Mari in the 2009 remake of The Last House on the Left. Paxton's character was a surviving rape victim who succeeds in escaping from her assailants, albeit with a bullet injury, and makes her way back to her parents' lake house cabin. In 2011, Paxton received top billing in Ti West's haunted house thriller The Innkeepers. She played a character named Claire who was one of several guests terrorized by the spirits residing inside the Yankee Pedlar Inn in Connecticut. That same year, Sara played Sara Palski, a vacationer at Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana in the predatory animal film Shark Night 3D.

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  • Sara Paxton was signed to a record deal with Epic Records during the time she was cast in Aquamarine.
  • Is a distant relation of Aliens and Near Dark actor Bill Paxton.
  • Ranked #44 on Interview Magazine's Hollywood faces to watch "future stars of tomorrow".

Other works Edit

  • First TV: Small Talk, 1996; Episode 1.16; Panelist #1
  • First Film: Liar Liar, 1997; Child at party and school
  • Sara Paxton also played the role of Angie in the 1998 Paul W.S. Anderson sci-fi film Soldier starring The Thing actor Kurt Russell.
  • Sara Paxton had a recurring role providing the voice for Kid Fish #1 on the animated children's series Spongebob Squarepants.

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