DS 1 012
Continuity: Dark Shadows
Type: Minor character
Gender: Female
Location: Hammond Foundling Home, New York
1st appearance: Dark Shadows: 1
Actor: Katherine Bruce

Sandy was a minor character featured in the 1960s Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. She was played by actress Katherine Bruce and appeared in episode 1, which is her only known appearance. The character was created by director Lela Swift and teleplay writer and story developer Art Wallace.

Biography Edit

Sandy grew up at the Hammond Foundling Home in New York and was a close friend of Victoria Winters. In 1966, Vicki left the foundling home to pursue a career as a governess for the Collins family in Collinsport, Maine. Sandy and she had a discussion regarding Vicki's decision before she left. She believed that with her "looks and brains", she could get a job anywhere and even recommended working in Long Island. Sandy had diffulty understanding why Vicki would want to work in a "nowheres place" like Collinsport.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The role of Sandy is actress Katherine Bruce's only known television work.

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