Sadie, the Vampire
Being Human 3x11 001
Continuity: Being Human
Type: Vampire
Gender: Female
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Died: 2013
1st appearance: "If I Only Had Raw Brain"
Actor: Jessica Malka

Sadie is a fictional vampire and a minor character on the North American version of the supernatural drama series Being Human. Played by actress Jessica Malka, she appeared in the season three episode, "If I Only Had Raw Brain".

Biography Edit

Sadie was a vampire and an exotic dancer living and working in the Boston area. According to Emily Levinson, she was also a lesbian. Emily heavily implied that Sadie and she had sexual relations in the past. In 2013, Emily brought her reluctant brother, Josh Levinson, out to the club where Sadie danced for a bachelor party. They were accompanied by Josh's best friend Aidan Waite and an underage boy named Kenny.

During her dance number, Emily motioned for Sadie to come to their table and paid her to give Josh a private lap dance. Neither Josh nor Emily were aware that Sadie was a vampire. In the booth, Sadie's vampire senses immediately recognized that Josh was a werewolf. Although drinking werewolf blood was normally unconscionable to a vampire, Sadie knew that it also served as a veritable booster shot for curing a virus that had been wiping out vampires in the Boston area. Sadie attacked Josh, but fortunately Aidan came to his rescue armed with a wooden stake. He stabbed Sadie through the back, turning her instantly to dust. Unfortunately, Emily also witnessed the incident and was now aware of the existence of both vampires and werewolves. [1]

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