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Includes a list of people, places and things relating to the TV series True Blood.

Randi Sue Edit

True Blood 1x05 003

Randi Sue was a young blonde-haired woman from Bon Temps, Louisiana. She had just finalized her divorce and went to Merlotte's Bar and Grill to celebrate. Her swagger caught the attention of most men in the bar, including Hoyt Fortenberry, who gestured towards her while holding up a bottle of Tru-Blood. Mistaking him for a vampire, this actually unnerved Randi Sue a bit. She ended up getting involved with Hoyt's best friend, Jason Stackhouse. Jason's friend Tara Thornton caught the two having sex in a pile of garbage out behind the bar.

Rattray family Edit

Reverend Daniels Edit

Rikki Naylor Edit

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Robert Rollins Edit

Robideaux Edit

Rocky Cleary Edit

Roman Zimojic Edit

Rosalyn Harris Edit

True Blood 5x04 008

Rosalyn Harris was a vampire and a member of the inner circle of the Authority. Rosalyn was the maker of Elijah Stormer, whom she sent out to take control of Fangtasia. She was killed by Sam Merlotte, who entered her body in the form of an insect and then returned to his normal size, causing Rosalyn's body to explode.

Roy Edit

True Blood 4x01 013

Roy was a young man in his mid-late twenties who lived in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was a male Wiccan who joined a coven led by Marnie Stonebrook. He was the only male member of the group and met during meetings at the Moon Goddess Emporium. Even after Marnie became possessed by the spirit of the vicious Antonia Gavilán de Logroño, Roy remained loyal to her, championing Marnie/Antonia's campaign to destroy all vampires. This tactic failed however, when Eric Northman entered the Moon Goddess Emporium, ripped out Roy's heart, and sucked the blood out of it as if it were a juice box. (True Blood: Soul of Fire)

Royce Edit

Ruby Jean Reynolds Edit

Russell Edgington Edit

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