Rocky Cleary
Rocky Cleary
Continuity: True Blood
Type: Minor character
Gender: Male
Location: Louisiana
Known relatives: Holly Cleary (mother); Wade Cleary (brother)
1st appearance: "Turn! Turn! Turn!"
Actor: Aaron Christian Howles

Rocky Cleary is a minor character featured on the HBO television series True Blood. Played by actor Aaron Christian Howles, he was introduced in the premiere episode of season five, "Turn! Turn! Turn!".

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Rocky Cleary is the teenage son of Holly Cleary and an unidentified father. He lives with his mother and his brother Wade in Louisiana. One morning, Rocky Cleary and his brother returned home only to find their mother in bed with her new boyfriend, Renard Parish sheriff Andy Bellefleur. The situation made both boys slightly uncomfortable. They took photographs of Andy's bare backside and posted them on Facebook. Even though the photograph was removed fairly quickly, it had circulated around Renard Parish enough to cause Andy great embarrassment. (TB: Turn! Turn! Turn!) (TB: Authority Always Wins)

Holly later brought Rocky and Wade to Merlotte's Bar and Grill and forced them to apologize to Andy for putting pictures of his rear on the internet. Andy contained any resentment he may have felt and told the boys that intends on doing right by their mother. They all engaged in a reluctant handshake and Andy did his level best to bond with the teens, who were clearly not interested in anything he had to say. (TB: Sunset)

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