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Robin Tunney
Robin Tunney
Gender: Female
Medium(s): Film
Roles: Actor
Date of birth: June 19th, 1972
Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois
First: The Craft (1996)

Robin Tunney is an American film and television actress born in Chicago, Illinois on June 19th, 1972. Her early acting career began in theater, performing in several plays after graduating from the Chicago Academy for the Arts, eventually making the move into television and finally film.

Robin's first professional acting work was in the 1991 movie Frogs!, which bears no relation to the 1972 George McCowan horror film of the same name. Her first work in the realm of supernatural fiction was playing "good witch" Sarah Bailey in the 1996 movie The Craft. In 1999 she played one of the main characters in the apocalyptic thriller End of Days starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Robin played a character named Christine York.

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  • Robin Tunney was raised Roman Catholic and attended a Catholic high school. In The Craft, her character also attends a Catholic high school. Her character from The Mentalist, Theresa Lisbon, is always seen wearing a crucifix around her neck. This would be very ideal for warding off vampires, though it is highly unlikely that any vampires ever appeared on the series.
  • Robin Tunney married producer/director Bob Gosse on October 4th, 1997. They divorced in 2002. Tunney was formerly engaged to Australian writer/director Andrew Dominik, but the two split up in 2010.

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  • Robin Tunney is best known for playing CBI agent Theresa Lisbon on the CBS police procedural drama The Mentalist. She co-stars in the series with Simon Baker who also appeared in the 2005 zombie movie Land of the Dead.

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