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Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey
Aliases: Bob Bailey
Type: Law enforcement
Gender: Male
Base of operations: Lockport, Illinois
Known relatives: Ruth Bailey (wife)
Died: 1998
First: Bride of Chucky (1998)
Actor: Vincent Corazza

Robert "Bob" Bailey was a minor character featured in the Child's Play film franchise. He was played by actor Vincent Corazza and appeared in the fourth installment of the series Bride of Chucky.

Biography Edit

"See you soon. And Bailey, don't you forget. Curiosity killed the cat."

Bob Bailey was a corrupt police officer for the Lockport police department who had a connection to a local woman named Tiffany. Tiffany, who was secretly a serial killer and former lover of deceased maniac Charles Lee Ray, coaxed Bailey into breaking into a police evidence locker and stealing the remains of a Good Guy Doll named "Chucky", which contained the soul of Charles Lee Ray. After stealing the doll, Bailey met up with Tiffany who came up from behind him and slit his throat.

Bailey's body was found days later, but his murder was actually blamed on two innocent teenagers named Jade and Jesse.

Several year later, Tiffany, believing that she is going through serial killer recovery, telephoned Robert's widow, Ruth, and apologized to her for murdering her husband. Ruth was not particularly receptive to Tiffany's apology. [1]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The character of Robert "Bob" Bailey was created by director Ronny Yu and writer Don Mancini. In the film, the character is credited only as Bailey. His full name is revealed on a news report.
  • Bailey had a cigarette lighter engraved with the words "To Bailey" that had been given to him by a loved one, possibly Tiffany. Bailey's lighter was later used to start a fire that killed fellow police officer "Needlenose" Norton. Bailey's lighter was an accessory included with the Tiffany action figure that was part of the Chucky & Tiffany double-pack set from Movie Maniacs, Series 2.
  • Robert Bailey's wife was named Ruth Bailey.

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