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Resident Evil
Resident Evil Vol 4 1
Title: Resident Evil
Publisher: DC Comics (WildStorm Productions)
Type: Ongoing series
Published: 2009-2011
Total issues: 6
Featuring: Mina Gere; Holiday Sugarman
Creators: Ricardo Sanchez; Kevin Sharpe; Jim Clark; Marc Deering; Rick Ketcham; Nathan Massengill; Cliff Rathburn; Ray Snyder; Milen Parvanov; Kurt Hathaway; Shannon Eric Denton; Kristy Quinn

Resident Evil is an ongoing comic book series published by DC Comics under their WildStorm imprint. Publication began in May, 2009 and is still being printed. It is the fourth comic book title to bear the name Resident Evil and the first series licensed by DC Comics. The series is based on the popular Resident Evil video game series produced by Capcom.

Product description

The terrifying world of Resident Evil returns to comics as the dedicated agents of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance face off against Virus spreading bio-weapons both in space and on land.

The Joint Nations Space Station has gone offline, BSAA Agent Mina Gere investigates and is confronted by a crew of flesh eating zombies. Veteran mercenary Holiday Sugarman is sent to remote Grezbekistan where his team is wiped out by G-Virus infected militia-men he must face G-Prime - alone. The two agents encounter never before seen biohazards as a new chapter in the Resident Evil saga kicks off.


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