The Reichenbach Clinic is a fictional hospital featured in the Tomb of Dracula comic book franchise published by Marvel Comics during the 1970s and 80s. It was introduced in the second story in the fourth issue of the Tomb of Dracula comic magazine, cover date April, 1980, entitled "Death Vow".

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In the year 1823, the elderly nun Sister Marie Eisner was admitted to the hospital where she was slowly dying. The vampire lord Dracula knew of Marie and had encountered her when she was a young girl in Cologne in 1753. Marie had managed to drive away the vampire at that time, but always swore that he would find her again at which point, she would be begging him to bestow the gift of immortality upon her.

As promised, Dracula found Marie Eisner and killed several hospital staff members in his efforts to get to her room. He again offered to make her immortal, but the devout woman denied him a second time, again driving him away by placing a crucifix necklace about his throat. Dracula turned into a bat and dove through the window. Moments later, Sister Marie Eisner quietly passed away, having never known the touch of the vampire.

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