Nicknames: The Belle City of the Lakes
Category: City
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Wisconsin

Racine is a city in the US state of Wisconsin. It is also the county seat of Racine County. It is located in the Southeastern tip of the state and has a total land area of 18.7 square miles. It's water area is 3.1 square miles with an elevation of 617 feet.

Actress Kristin Bauer, best known for playing smarmy vampire Pam De Beaufort on the HBO TV series True Blood was born in Racine on November 26th, 1966.

A passing reference to Racine is made in a newspaper clipping featured in the 2005 film The Beast of Bray Road, implying that the city has seen it's fair share of sightings of legendary Beast of Bray Road over the years.

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