"According to psychiatric records, Henley - Vickers - came from a broken home, abused child. Police were always being called in to break up fights. State finally got custody of him during his formative years. It was then that Henley came to believe God was on his side and would always take care of him. Then when the state kicked him out on the street, Henley came to believe that God had deserted him. And that's when he turned to Satan."
Police officer

Psycho Cop is an American horror film directed by Wallace Potts. It was produced by Smoking Gun and premiered on November 28th, 1989. A sequel film, Psycho Cop Returns was released in 1993. The film is a knock-off of Maniac Cop, released a year earlier and centers on a rogue police officer named Joe Vickers, played by Bobby Ray Shafer. In addition to being a cop, Vickers is a devout Satanist who dispenses his own warped sense of justice against a group of teenage college students. In keeping with the trend common to most slasher films, Psycho Cop represents a cautionary tale that warns against the dangers of illegal and/or amoral behavior. In this case however... the consequences can be deadly.

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  • Psycho Cop was released on VHS in the United States by Southgate Entertainment. To date, only a Region 2 DVD version of the film has been released.
  • Although the character of "The Caretaker" doesn't survive beyond the first reel, he is referred to over thirty times throughout the rest of the movie. [1]

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