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Type: Weapon
Availability: Common item
Manufacturer: Various
Model: Various
Owners: Carol Peletier; Chris Manawa; Daryl Dixon

A pickaxe is a tool designed for digging, but let's face it... it's best used to dispatch someone who has thoroughly pissed you off. A pickaxe is distinguished from other types of axes by the fact that one end of the head is a sharpened point, while the other is blunt. Boring people use these for agricultural purposes or for mining, but those who really know their stuff recognize it as an effective, if albeit clumsy, tool for vanquishing zombies. One solid blow to the back of the melon will make just about any zombie drop like a bag of apples.

In film Edit

  • Exorcist, The: In The Exorcist, a team of archaeologists in Northern Iraq are seen digging at a site, which yields various pieces of statuary, including a broken head piece depicting the Babylonian demon Pazuzu.
  • Friday the 13th Part 2: A pickaxe was one of several tools found in the decrepit shack where Jason Voorhees lived. Coincidentally, he did not use it as a murder weapon, though he surely would have given the opportunity. He used it to break down a locked door in the cabin while pursuing a camp counselor named Ginny Field. When Ginny attacked him with a machete, Jason used it to deflect Ginny's blow.
  • Return of the Living Dead: The effectiveness of a pickaxe was most memorably demonstrated in the 1985 black comedy film The Return of the Living Dead. Two morgue attendants, Burt and Freddy find themselves in the unenviable position of watching their subjects rise from the tables to attack them. When a crazy naked zombie lunged at Burt, Freddy whacked him through the back of the head with the pickaxe.

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