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Penny Dreaful
Penny Dreadful (2006) 002
Title: Penny Dreaful
Directed by: Richard Brandes
Written by: Diane Doniol-Valcroze; Arthur Flam; Richard Brandes
Distributed by: Brandes Films International
After Dark Films
Lions Gate Entertainment
Released: November 18th, 2006
Rating: R
Running time: 92 min.
Country: USA
Language: English

Penny Dreadful is an American horror film of the psycho-thriller genre. It was directed by Richard Brandes with a script written by Diane Doniol-Valcroze, Arthur Flam and Brandes, based on a story treatment by Flam. The film takes its name from the "Penny Dreadful" style of Gothic literature that was popularized in the late 19th century. The movie was produced by Rirchard Brandes' company, Brandes Films International as well as After Dark Films. It was distributed through Lions Gate Entertainment. The film premiered in the United States on November 18th, 2006. Penny Dredful is branded under the "8 Films To Die For", which was spotlighted at the 2006 After Dark Horrorfest. The film stars Rachel Miner as Penny Deerborn, Mimi Rogers as Orianna Volkes, Chad Todhunter as Alvin, Mickey Jones as Eddie and Liz Davies as the hitchhiker.

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  • Copyright holder: © 2006, Dreadful Films, Inc.

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