Paola Menard
Paola Menard
Paola Menard
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Murder victim
Gender: Female
Location: Matoul, Antilles Islands
Known relatives: David Menard
Died: 1979
1st appearance: Zombi 2 (1979)
Actor: Olga Karlatos

Paola Menard was a supporting character featured in the 1979 Lucio Fulci film Zombi 2. She was played by actress Olga Karlatos.

Biography Edit

Paola Menard was the wife of scientist Doctor David Menard. She lived with David in a small cottage on the remote island of Matoul in the Antilles Islands. Most of David's time was occupied with researching a virulant disease that had been wiping out the native population, turning the recently deceased into flesh-eating zombies. Having been forced to live in relative isolation on the island for many months, Paola reached her limit and began to go into fits of hysterics. Menard tried to calm her down and coaxed her to rest, but she would not let up. Ultimately, he was forced to slap her until she relaxed a little.

Later that day, Paola took a shower to calm her nerves. Afterward, she took a pill then began to hear strange noises coming from the other room. A zombie had broken into her home and was trying to make his way into the bedroom. Paola screamed and slammed the door on the zombie's hand, severing its fingers. The zombie pounded upon the door until the paneling started to burst. He reached through and grabbed Paola's head, pulling it forward until a splinter from the door stabbed her through the eye, killing her.

As time passed, more zombies entered the building and availed themselves of Paola's body, feeding upon her flesh and intestines. A group of travelers entered the house and found her remains and were able to temporarily drive the zombies away.

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Characters who are killed by zombies; Eye injuries

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