Paige Matthews
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Paige Matthews
Franchise: Charmed
Notability: Main character
Type: Witch
Gender: Female
Location: San Francisco, California
Status: Alive
Born: August 2nd, 1977
1st appearance: "Charmed Again (Part 1)"
Final: "Forever Charmed"
Actor: Rose McGowan
Donna Hardy

Paige Matthews is a fictional witch and one of the main characters on the WB Network supernatural fantasy series Charmed. Played by actress Rose McGowan, Paige was a latecomer to the series, and was introduced in the premiere episode of season four, "Charmed Again (Part 1)". Her character filled the vacancy of that of Prue Halliwell on the series, who was played by departing actress Shannen Doherty.

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Paige Matthews is one of four witch sisters collectively known as the Charmed Ones. Paige is the most emotional of the four and like Phoebe, she is spunky and sassy. Paige often fights with Piper when learning the Craft but later, Piper accepts Paige as her sister and gives her potion lessons. Paige is married to a mortal cop named Henry Mitchell and she is the mother of Henry Mitchell, Jr. and their twin daughters.

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