Organization of Generally Rotten Endeavors
Organization of Generally Rotten Endeavors
Aliases: O.G.R.E.
Continuity: Drak Pack
Type: Supervillain team
Status: Inactive
Leaders: Doctor Dred
Members: Doctor Dred; Vampira; Toad; Mummy Man; Fly
Enemies: Drak Pack: Drak, Frankie & Howler
First appearance: Drak Pack: Grimmest Book of Records

The Organization of Generally Rotten Endeavors, also known simply as O.G.R.E., was a fictional supervillain team featured in the 1980-1982 animated children's series Drak Pack. They were the primary antagonists of the series and were introduced in the pilot episode, "Grimmest Book of Records" and appeared in all sixteen episodes of the series. The group was led by diabolical mad scientist Dr. Dred and its membership included characters of classic horror archetypes.

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Archetypes Edit

  • Doctor Dred: Doctor Dred filled the role of the classic mad scientist, leader and all-around evil-doer.
  • Vampira: Vampira filled the role of the classic female vampires, thus giving multiple meanings to the term "Vamp".
  • Fly: Fly is based on the hybrid human fly monster featured in The Fly films of the 1950s.

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