Continuity: Swamp Thing
Notability: Minor character
Type: Un-Men
Gender: Male
Location: The Balkans
Southeast Europe
1st appearance: Swamp Thing, Vol. 1 #2

Ophidian is a fictional mutated experiment featured in comic books published by DC Comics. He is considered part of DC's Pre-Crisis Earth-One continuity, though his existence and background have been preserved in the rebooted internal reality which existed following the 1985-86 maxi-series Crisis on Infinite Earths. The character first appeared in Swamp Thing, Volume 1 #2 in January, 1973.

Biography Edit

Ophidian was one of Anton Arcane's macabre scientific experiments, and a part of the first generation of creatures that have come to be known as Un-Men. He followed the commands of Arcane's enforcer amongst the Un-Men, Cranius.

Ophidian was a purple-hued serpentine creature who had the ability to mesmerize those whom he ensnared in his tentacles. Ophidian used this power to effectively subdue the hulking muck monster known as the Swamp Thing, allowing the other Un-Men the ability to incapacitate him and transport him back to Arcane's castle in the Balkans.

Powers Edit

  • Hypnosis: Ophidian could mesmerize a target through direct eye contact, forcing it to obey simple commands, such as walking or remaining stationary.

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