Ohrbach's is the name of a costume design business that was employed by director/producer Dan Curtis for his 1966-1971 Gothic soap opera television series Dark Shadows. Ohrbach's was responsible for not only the conservative modern wear featured throughout the regular story-arcs in the series, but also for the elaborate period piece costumes used in the different time travel stories, notably the "1795 Flashback", the "1840 Flashback" and the "1897 Flashback". Occasionally on the end-title credits, Ohrbach's name has been mis-spelled as Orhbach's.

Other costume designers who have been credited in the series include Ramsey Mostoller and Hazel Roy, who may or may not have been employees of Ohrbach's.

Ohrbach's also provided the wardrobe for shows such as I Love Lucy, Mr. and Mrs. North, Topper, Four Star Playhouse, The Danny Thomas Show and Mister Ed.

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