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Nora Grant was a young woman from Portland, Oregon who would frequently spend her summers in Collinsport to be near her cousin, Will. She worked in a small gift shop and became close friends with Victoria Winters.

Vickie and Nora bore so many physical resemblances to one another, that many people alluded to the idea that they might twins. Whenever Vickie wasn't busy with her duties at Collinwood, Nora and she would while away the daylight hours down at the beach near Widow's Hill or spend their evenings at the Blue Whale.

In June of 1967, Nora tried setting Vickie up with a local artist named Paul Caine. Vickie however, began to suspect that Caine might be dangerous and rebuffed his advances. That same evening, a mysterious stranger, mistaking Nora for Vickie, attacked her on the grounds of Collinwood. At first, Nora was convinced that her attacker was Paul Caine, but this was later proven to not be the case. [1]

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  • The character of Nora Grant is exclusive to the Dark Shadows Paperback Library novels. She has never appeared on the original Dark Shadows television series.
  • Despite the physical similarities between Nora and Vickie, there is no information provided in the Paperback Library continuity to suggest that Vickie and she could actually be related to one another. Information provided in the Lara Parker novel, Dreams of the Dark establishes Vickie's ambiguous heritage and certifies that she is not related to Nora Grant at all.

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