Night of the Bloody Apes
Night of the Bloody Apes (1969)
Title: Night of the Bloody Apes
Directed by: René Cardona
Written by: René Cardona; René Cardona, Jr.
Produced by: Guillermo Calderon Stell; Alfredo Salazar
Music by: Antonio Diaz Conde
Cinematography: Raúl Martínez Solares
Edited by: Jorge Bustos
Distributed by: Cinematográfica Calderón
Released: February 6th, 1969 (Mexico)
1972 (US)
Rating: R
Running time: 83 min.
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish

Night of the Bloody Apes is an independent Mexican horror film of the science fiction subgenre. It was written and directed by René Cardona and co-written by René Cardona, Jr. and produced by Guillermo Calderon Stell and Alfredo Salazar]] for Cinematográfica Calderón. The film premiered in Mexico on February 6th, 1969. It was released in the United States under the title Night of the Bloody Apes in 1972.

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  • Alternatively known as La Horripilante bestia humana, aka, The Horrible Man-Beast.
  • Is considered a "Video Nasty".
  • The tagline for this film is, "They rip, they claw, they tear you to pieces!"
  • Other actors featured in this film include Javier Rizo, Anna Levine and Roger Park. The roles they play in Night of the Bloody Apes is unknown.
  • Pre-certification promotional material for the film included the disclaimer, "Warning: this film contains scenes of extreme and explicit violence".
  • Night of the Bloody Apes features footage of an actual human heart transplant operation in two separate scenes.

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