"Into Night" is the eighth episode of the supernatural drama television series Night Stalker. It was directed by Fred Gerber with a script written by Frank Spotnitz. It was originally slated to air on ABC in 2005, but the series was discontinued midway through its run. It ultimately aired on the Sci-Fi Channel on March 3rd, 2006. In this episode, Carl Kolchak and friends must figure out why two seemingly innocuous office workers were found mummified.

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  • This episode is rated TV-PG.

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  • This is the third appearance of Alex Nyby. He makes four appearances in the series in total. He previously appeared in "Malum". He appeared last in "Three". He appears next in "Timeless".

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  • Carl Kolchak: I drive the night, looking into the darkness where our fears reside. Of things the mind dismisses, but the heart knows are real. Evils that lie hidden in the blackness. I have seen these evils. They have taken my wife, pregnant with a child never to be born, leaving me haunted by questions about her strange death and the deaths of so many others no one else dares to explain. So I drive, knowing we fear the night not because it hides these evils, but rather because it reveals them.



  • Perri Reed: Okay, so I'm just thinking here, but your idea is, is, what exactly, Kolchak? That someone grabbed these people's necks with this jelly on their hands.
  • Carl Kolchak: Possibly.
  • Perri Reed: And this idea doesn't seem, oh, insane?
  • Carl Kolchak: More so insane then that those people died from bug spray?





  • Carl Kolchak: There are evils that live amongst us, hidden behind walls, lurking in dark shadows. Open your eyes and you'll see them, but be careful you don't open them too wide. For once you've seen the darkness, the fear of it remains a part of you.

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