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This article relates to the Forever Knight television series.
This article is about the 1989 television pilot movie. For the character, see Nick Knight.

Nick Knight is an American television movie directed by Farhad Mann and first aired on CBS on August 20th, 1989. The movie was intended as a pilot episode to a potential TV series, but CBS declined to pick it up. The show was later sold to a Canadian production company in 1992 and was broadcast under the title Forever Knight and aired for three seasons. Nick Knight stars actor/musician Rick Springfield as detective Nicholas Knight - a two-hundred year-old vampire who is investigasting a string of mysterious deaths in the city of Los Angeles.

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  • There are several notable differences between this initial pilot episode and the regular Forever Knight TV series. In Nick Knight, the main character Nicholas Knight is a two-hundred year old vampire, whereas in Forever Knight, he is more than eight-hundred years old. The setting between the two projects is also different as Nick Knight takes place in Los Angeles, California and Forever Knight takes place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • John Kapelos, who plays the role of Detective Don Schanke, is the only actor from the pilot film to transition over to the Forever Knight series.

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