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Nick Burkhardt
Grimm 1x01 004
Nick Burkhardt
Aliases: Detective Burkhardt
Continuity: Grimm
Type: Main character
Gender: Male
Location: Portland, Oregon
Known relatives: Marie Kessler (aunt, deceased); Juliette Silverton (fianceé)
1st appearance: Grimm: Pilot
Actor: David Giuntoli

Nick Burkhardt is a fictional police detective and the main character from the NBC supernatural fantasy series Grimm. Played by actor David Giuntoli, he was introduced in the pilot episode of the show and has appeared in every subsequent episode.

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Nick Burkhardt was once just an ordinary police homicide detective gifted with a sharp analytical mind and keen observational skills. He discovered that he was the last in a long family line of supernatural hunters known as the Grimms and it was now his predestined vocation to serve as not only a law enforcement agent to humanity, but to the nebulous world of the Wesen as well. As a Grimm, Nick is gifted with the ability to see Wesen in their true forms.

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