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Nick's first victim is the credited name attributed to a minor character from the Forever Knight television series. She is the first victim of vampire Nick Knight and the first murder victim presented in the series both canonically and chronologically. The character was played by actress Helene Rousse and appeared in the pilot episode "Dark Knight".

Nick's first victim was an unidentified young woman who lived in Paris, France in the early 13th century. In 1228, she was captured by vampires Lucien LaCroix and Janette DuCharme and brought to a hidden chamber where she was offered to Lucien's new progeny, Nicholas de Brabant. The two older vampires kept her weak and subdued, but Nick was reluctant to feed from her. Reeling with his new vampiric perceptions, Nicholas said how he could hear her heart beating. Lucien looked on and told him that "It beats for you.", adding that it did not matter how or when mortals died; they were just food. Nick could not restrain himself any longer and yielded to the thirst.

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