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Nancy Hodiak
Nancy Hodiak
Continuity: Dark Shadows
Notability: Minor character
Type: Murder victim
Gender: Female
Location: Collinsport, Maine
Died: 1970
1st appearance: House of Dark Shadows

Nancy Hodiak is a fictional murder victim and a minor character in the Dark Shadows multimedia franchise. She was referenced by name in the novelization of House of Dark Shadows and was indirectly referenced in the 1970 House of Dark Shadows feature film. As the character did not make an actual appearance in the movie, there is no actress who played her.

Biography Edit

Nancy Hodiak was a wealthy young woman who lived in Collinsport, Maine in the year 1970. She hired a local artist named Jeff Clark to paint her portrait, which she intended as a birthday gift for her husband. In June of that year, Jeff completed the portrait and Nancy picked it up from his studio. As Nancy left the studio, she walked up the steep embankment back towards her car. The vampire Barnabas Collins attacked her, drank her blood and strangled her to the point of death. Jeff and his girlfriend, Maggie Evans, discovered Nancy's body minutes later and contacted the Collinsport Sheriff's department. Sheriff George Patterson had Nancy's body taken to the hospital. He gave a sample of her blood to Dr. Julia Hoffman for analysis. Julia discovered that Nancy's blood suffered from bizarre peculiarities similar to those evident in the blood of murder victim, Daphne Budd.

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  • Nancy's death is referenced in the movie, but she is never mentioned by name.

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