Naked woman
Naked woman (DotD)
Random naked woman
Type: Minor character
Gender: Female
Base of operations: Wisconsin
First: Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Actor: Luigia Zucaro

The naked woman was a minor unnamed character featured in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead, directed by Zack Snyder. She was played by Canadian actress Luigia Zucaro.

Biography Edit

It is unclear whether the naked woman was a zombie or if she was just in an extreme state of shock. She was seen lumbering about a Wisconsin highway following a traffic accident. A motorist named Ana, frantic and covered in blood, found herself stopped in traffic and found the woman wandering aimlessly past the wreckage.

The final fate of the woman following this incident is unknown, but it is extremely likely that she was killed by zombies, if she was not already infected at the point where she came upon Ana.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The naked woman was only seen through Ana's blood-stained windshield. Luigia Zucaro's breasts are largely obscured from the shot, but for a single frame where she steps off-camera.

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