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The following is a list of songs and recording artists that have appeared in various supernatural fiction media including films, television programs and even some video games. Footnotes next to film and TV show titles refers to at which point in the movie or episode a particular song was played.

Songs Edit

References Edit

  1. On the road; 7 miles from Jericho, California.
  2. Played right before Norton pulls over Jade, Jesse and David.
  3. Played when Tiffany is sleeping next to Damien's corpse.
  4. End credits
  5. Played during the final suicide shoot-out.
  6. Played when young Michael Myers returns home from school.
  7. When Dean drives Sam to his apartment.
  8. End credits
  9. Played when Tiffany is stitching up the Chucky doll.
  10. Played during Deborah Myers' striptease dance.
  11. When Sam and Dean stop at a gas station.
  12. Played on TV set in hotel room.
  13. Vicki sings it to Burt in the motel at the beginning of the movie.
  14. Season 3 recap
  15. Played when Sylvie Oster is killed by the Blutbad on Sweetbriar Trail.
  16. Closing credits
  17. Season 4 recap
  18. At the Stanford University Halloween party.
  19. Played in the diner in the beginning of the episode when Eve creates the Jefferson Starships.

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