Mummy Man
Mummy Man
Mummy Man
Type: Mummy
Gender: Male
First: Drak Pack: Grimmest Book of Records
Actor: Chuck McCann

Mummy Man was a fictional character featured in the 1980-1982 Hanna-Barbera animated series Drak Pack. He was voiced by actor Chuck McCann and appeared in all sixteen episodes of the program.

Biography Edit

Mummy Man was a member of O.G.R.E., also known as the Organization of Generally Rotten Endeavors. He was an underling of team leader Doctor Dred and ambitiously worked to further the success of Dred's various evil schemes.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Mummy Man's wrappings seemed to extend indefinitely. He would often use unfurl a length of linen and use it as a lasso to ensnare adversaries. A scene of this is shown during the opening credit sequence of the series.

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