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1st appearance: Cleopatra's Tomb (1899)

Mummies are supernatural creatures who are a type of reanimate. They are the bodies of deceased humans whose physical resurrection is brought about through mystical means. In the real world, mummification is a process made popular by the people of Ancient Egypt who removed the vital organs of the dead and then wrapped their bodies in linen and buried them within massive tombs or pyramids. Naturally, these mummies tend to stay put, as they are most decidedly deceased. In fiction however, all bets are off. All it takes is one cryptically-worded curse and some Tana leaves to bring a mummy back to life as a silent killing machine. These so-called "living" mummies tend to be the servants of a living agent, who uses the mummy as the instrument of revenge against whosoever disrupts their tomb, so forth and so on.

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Tales from the Crypt: A 2,000-year-old mummy was discovered and brought to a carnival sideshow where it mated with a deformed freak named Enoch the Two-Faced man. The offspring of their coupling was a grotesque ghoulish creature which came to be known as the Crypt Keeper. [1]

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Tera Blood from the Mummy's Tomb

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