Ms. Morell
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Ms. Morell
Continuity: Teen Wolf
Type: Supporting character
Gender: Female
Location: Beacon Hills High School, Beacon Hills, California
1st appearance: "Abomination"
Actor: Bianca Lawson

Ms. Morell is a minor recurring character featured in the MTV series Teen Wolf. She is played by actress Bianca Lawson and was introduced in the season two episode "Abomination".

Biography Edit

Ms. Morell is a guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School in California. Additionally, she is also a confidante of veterinarian Doctor Alan Deaton.

Lydia Martin was sent to the guidance counselor's offie after suffering from some rather harrowing experiences, as well as being missing for several days. Lydia was very defensive, questioning Ms. Morell's qualifications and even her heritage. (TW: Abomination)

Lydia later returned to Ms. Morell's office where she was administered a Rorscach test. Lydia saw only images of the deceased Peter Hale. (TW: Venomous)

Ms. Morell later visited the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic where she consulted with Doctor Deaton about an unspecified event looming in the near future. She asked him if Scott and the other kids were prepared for what is to come. Deaton explained that they already had enough to worry about. (TW: Raving)

Stiles Stilinsky was later sent to Ms. Morell's office following an attack by teen stalker and fellow student, Matt. Stiles was very disturbed by the incident and they spoke about Matt's drowning. Stiles took note of the fact that Ms. Morell did not take any notes during their session. (TW: Battlefield)

Ms. Morell later visited Doctor Deaton again and noticed that he was gearing up for something big - the arrival of a werewolf pack comprised totally of Alphas. Morell asked him if he was coming out of retirement. Deaton smiled and told her that he never retired to begin with. (TW: Master Plan)

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  • Is of French-Canadian descent.

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