"A boy's best friend is his mother."
Norman Bates[src]
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Norma Bates - One Bad Mother.

Mother is the title given to a female individual who sires offspring. Also referred to as mom or mum. The title Mother Superior refers to a woman who is in charge of a Christian religious congregation or order.

Mother is also the affectionate and oft-used honorific given to the film character Norma Bates by her doting, yet mentally inhibited son Norman Bates from the Psycho film series. In the prequel remake television series Bates Motel, 17-year-old Norman Bates refers to Norma as both Mother and Mom. He usually addresses her as Mother during times of stress of displeasure.

In the 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street, the character of Nancy Thompson addressed Marge Thompson as "Mother", but only when she was angry at her, which usually happened during one of Marge's drinking binges.

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  • "Mama" redirects to this page. There is a character who appears in [[30 Days of Night 2|30 Days of Night #2] who goes by this name.

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