"I knew it! I knew you were gonna say that. I could have stayed in my little cubby hole under that boat, till the cops showed up. But noooooooo... you guys had to come along and find me. And NOW I'm on a mission to save the world from giant mosquitos!"
Mosquito (1995)
Title: Mosquito
Directed by: Gary Jones
Written by: Gary Jones; Tom Chaney; Steve Hodge
Produced by: Andre Blay; Eric Pascarelli; David Thiry
Music by: Allen Lynch; Randall Lynch
Cinematography: Tom Chaney
Edited by: Tom Ludwig; Bill Schaller
Distributed by: Acme Films, Ltd.
Antibes, Inc.
Excalibur Motion Pictures
Released: May 20th, 1995
Rating: R
Running time: 92 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $200,000
Gross: $986,314 (US)

Mosquito is an American science fiction/horror film of the predatory animal subgenre. It was directed by Gary Jones and written by Jones, Tom Chaney and Steve Hodge. The film was produced by Acme Films, Ltd. and Excalibur Motion Pictures and was released direct-to-video by Hemdale Home Video on May 20th, 1995. It was re-issued in VHS format in 1999 and premiered on DVD by Image Entertainment in 1999. The film stars Gunnar Hansen, Ron Asheton, Steve Dixon, Rachel Loiselle and Tim Lovelace. The premise of the movie involves an alien spacecraft that crash lands on Earth. Several mosquitos begin feeding from the remains of the dead extraterrestrial pilot and mutate into giant creatures that attack and devour anything they can find.

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  • The tagline for this film is, "Millions of years of evolution have just become Mankind's worst nightmare."
  • The overall plot to the film is similar to that of the 2000 movie Spiders, which was also directed by Gary Jones and written by Jones, Tom Chaney and Steve Hodge.
  • Actor Gunnar Hansen is best known for playing the role of Leatherface in the original 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Gunnar's character, Earl, makes a tongue-in-cheek reference to his earlier work when he picks up a chainsaw, remarking that he hasn't held a chainsaw in over twenty years.
  • During the scene where the two fishermen are attacked in their boat, Matt Hundley, the special effects man on the film, was chosen to be the anchor in the water, with weights tied to his feet, to hold the boat steady. Matt informed everyone that he couldn't swim but he was chosen to do it anyway. [1]
  • Matt Hundley was not the first choice to do special effects for this film. Another special effects artist started doing the effects for the film but mid way through, he said "I'll be right back, I'm going to get a pack of smokes," and never came back. [2]
  • In the scene where the mosquitoes attack Mike Hard, a part was originally made where the bugs land on him at a far away angle. However, the puppet mosquitoes kept hitting him in the head by accident. After almost 10 takes, Mike Hard was developing a concussion, so the scene was scrapped. [3]
  • Director Gary Jones had planned a sequel for 1998, but do to the negative criticism, the film was scrapped. Gary Jones now claims to be writing a screenplay for his "long lost" sequel. [4]

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