"Werewolf of Hollywood"
Series Monsters
Season 3, Episode 20
Airdate February 10th, 1991
Writer Ron Goulart
Director Thomas J. Whelan
Producer Michael Gornick; Richard P. Rubinstein; Jan Saunders; Diane Vilagi
Starring Richard Belzer; David Leary; Geraldine Leer; Shelley Berman
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Next "Talk Nice to Me"

"Werewolf of Hollywood" is the twentieth episode of season three of the American horror anthology series Monsters and the sixty-eighth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Thomas J. Whelan and written by Ron Goulart. It first aired in syndication on Sunday, February 10th, 1991. Guest stars for this episode include Richard Belzer, David Leary, Geraldine Leer and Shelley Berman.

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A Hollywood screenwriter named Buzz Hunkle is tasked by his producer with putting together a script featuring a big-wig corporate executive who is actually a werewolf. However, Hunkle's plot strikes a little too close to home for someone nearby.

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  • Actor Richard Belzer also played the President of the United States in Species II.

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