Mister Lahey
Teen Wolf 2x01 004
Mister Lahey
Continuity: Teen Wolf
Type: Minor character
Gender: Male
Location: Beacon Hills, California
Known relatives: Isaac Lahey (son); Camden Lahey (son, deceased)
Born: 1955 (approx)[1]
Died: 2011 [2]
1st appearance: "Omega"
Final: "Fury"
Actor: John Wesley Shipp

Mister Lahey is a minor character featured in the MTV teen horror series Teen Wolf. Played by actor John Wesley Shipp, he appeared in the season two premiere, "Omega", and also made brief appearancse in recap and flashback in "Shape Shifted" and "Fury".

Biography Edit

Mister Lahey was a resident of Beacon Hills, California and the father of Camden and Isaac Lahey. In the mid 2000s, Lahey was the coach of the Beacon Hills High School swim team. After winning a state championship in 2006, Lahey hosted a pool party at his house. A nine-year-old boy named Matt came over to trade a vintage comic book with young Isaac Lahey. Isaac's older brother Camden pushed Matt into the swimming pool while the others were partying, unaware or unconcerned that Matt did not know how to swim. Even as Matt was drowning, he could hear the others carousing and Coach Lahey shouting at him through the water. Matt survived, but nursed a scorn that would eventually evolve into a murderous need for vengeance. (TW: Fury)

In the intervening years, Mister Lahey became increasingly abusive towards his son Isaac. When Isaac performed poorly in school, Lahey would lock him up in a freezer chest in the cellar and beat him. Like Matt, Isaac developed and intense hatred for the man. (TW: Omega)

In 2011, Matt finally found the means to get his revenge. He bonded with a shape-shifting creature of vengeance known as a kanima. The kanima was in fact fellow Beacon Hills High School student Jackson Whittemore. Matt instructed the kanima to kill Mister Lahey and the creature stalked him down and alley and slaughtered him. (TW: Omega) (TW: Shape Shifted)

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Actor John Wesley Shipp is also known for playing super-speedster superhero Barry Allen on the 1990-1991 series The Flash. From 1998 to 2001 he also played Mitch Leery on the popular WB Network teen drama Dawson's Creek.

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  1. Date approximated based upon the age of actor John Wesley Shipp
  2. Although the episode was originally broadcast in 2012, the events from season two of Teen Wolf actually take place in 2011.

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