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Mia Zottoli is a film actress specializing in erotica and the softcore pornography industry. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 6th, 1968. With a career starting in 1997, Mia has appeared in more than forty films often using various alternate screen names such as Ava Lake, Ava Niche, Phyllisha and just Mia. In 2002, she starred in the direct-to-video erotica film Thirteen Erotic Ghosts, playing a character named Gina DiCaprio. Later that year, she played a character named Ivy in the vampire film Embrace the Darkness 3 where she was credited as Ava Lake. She also starred in the direct-to-video horror/comedy Slaughter Studios as a busty 1970s-era woman with a gun. In 2003, she appeared in Hatchet Man, where she was credited only as Mia. That same year, she played the central antagonist Ramsay Amun, aka, Hor-Shep-Sut in Donald F. Glut's horror/erotica film The Mummy's Kiss. In this film, Mia was credited under the name Ava Niche. Scenes of Zottoli's work in the film were incorporated into the 2008 sequel Blood Scarab.

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  1. As Ava Lake
  2. As Mia
  3. As Ava Niche
  4. As Ava Niche

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