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Melissa McCall is a supporting character on the 2011 MTV television series Teen Wolf. She is played by actress Melissa Ponzio and introduced in the series pilot episode, "Wolf Moon".

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Melissa McCall is a doctor and the mother of teenager Scott McCall. She lives in the town of Beacon Hills and is divorced from Scott's father. Melissa was very supportive of her son and extremely proud of him when he made first line on the Beacon High School lacrosse team. She was unaware however, that her son's sudden athletic prowess was due to being infected with the curse of lycanthropy. ("Wolf Moon")

Melissa attended the game in which Scott scored the winning point, becoming a veritable hero of the team, much to the chagrin of his teammate and rival Jackson Whittemore. ("Second Chance at First Line")

Melissa attended a parent/teacher conference at the school, but was greatly put out when Scott failed to arrive. She later discovered that he had skipped school that day and had been out all evening with his new girlfriend Allison Argent. ("The Tell")

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