A medic is a healthcare professional that works in emergency medical situations. Paramedics provide advanced levels of care for medical emergencies and trauma. The majority of paramedics are based in the field in ambulances, emergency response vehicles, or in specialist mobile units such as cycle response. Paramedics can perform as field doctors, providing extensive out-of-hospital treatment and diagnostic services, although some may undertake hospital-based roles, such as in the treatment of minor injuries.

A Russian medic named Olga Danilova served as a member of the Umbrella Security Service for the Umbrella Corporation in the Resident Evil film series. She accompanied her unit to the Hive on a mission to disable the homicidal artificial intelligence known as the Red Queen. Danilova revived an unconscious agent named Spence Parks and took an analytical reading of the Halon levels in the facility. She was killed when the A.I. activated a laser defense system, which beheaded her. [1]

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Character Film/Series
J. Black Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
L. Evans Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Olga Danilova Resident Evil
Rebecca Chambers Resident Evil

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