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Mary Winchester
Supernatural 1x01 002
Mary Winchester
Aliases: Mary Campbell
Continuity: Supernatural
Type: Recurring character
Gender: Female
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Known relatives: John Winchester (husband, deceased); Sam Winchester (son); Dean Winchester (son); Adam Milligan (step-son); Samuel Campbell (father, deceased); Deanna Campbell (grandmother, deceased); Emma (granddaughter via Dean, deceased)
Born: December 5th, 1954
Died: November 2nd, 1983
1st appearance: "Pilot"
Actor: Samantha Smith
Amy Gumenick

Mary Winchester is a minor character featured in the American television series Supernatural on the CW Network. She first appeared in the series' pilot episode where the character's death is first revealed. The character has made numerous appearances throughout the series via flashback and in one case, even time travel. She is primarily played by actress Samantha Smith, but a younger version of the character has been portrayed by Amy Gumenick.

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  • Actress Amy Gumenick played young Mary Campbell/Winchester in two episodes of Supernatural. She appeared in the season 4 episode, "In the Beginning", and the season 5 episode, "The Song Remains the Same".
  • The mother of monsters, Eve, once assumed the form of Mary Winchester in order to antagonize Sam and Dean. [1]
  • In the Season 11 finale, Alpha and Omega, Mary is resurrected by Amara as a gift to Dean for restoring the love and bond between her and her brother, God.

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