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Marie Eisner
Marie Eisner
Marie Eisner
Aliases: Sister Marie Eisner
Type: Minor character
Gender: Female
Base of operations: Cologne, Germany
Known relatives: Father Eisner (adoptive father)
Born: 1740s
Died: 1823
First: Tomb of Dracula, Volume 2 #4
"Death Vow!"

Marie Eisner is a fictional character who is part of the Tomb of Dracula comic book franchise published by Marvel Comics during the 1970s and 80s. She was introduced in the second story in the fourth issue of the Tomb of Dracula comic magazine, cover date April, 1980, entitled "Death Vow".

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Marie was an orphan living in Cologne, Germany in the mid 18th century. She was adopted by a kindly old priest named Father Eisner who took her in and raised her as his own. In 1753, Marie was present when Father Eisner and a band of villagers captured and executed the vampire lord known as Dracula. After Eisner drove a stake into Dracula's chest, he fell over from a heart attack. Eisner was taken back to his home, but Marie knew that the only father she had ever known would surely die. That evening, she sneaked into the town square and removed the stake from Dracula's chest. Dracula sought to repay Marie's efforts by drinking her blood, but she was protected by the crucifix which hung about her neck. Marie recalled Dracula's boasts of being "life everlasting" and made a bargain with him. If he would agree to bestow the gift of immortality upon the dying Father Eisner, then he could do whatever he wished with Marie. Dracula agreed, but rather than save Eisner's life, he instead tore his heart from his chest and presented it to Marie as a demonstration of his vile power. He then attacked her again, but Marie dangled her cross charm in front of Dracula's face, forcing him to flee. Dracula swore, that one day she would beg him to give her life everlasting.

By 1823, Marie Eisner, nearing the end of her life, was residing at the Reichenbach Clinic. As promised some seventy years earlier, Dracula arrived at her room, seeking to turn her into a vampire. He wanted the frail old woman to acknowledge him as her savior, but Marie rebuked him. Enraged, Dracula lunged to attack her, but Marie slipped her crucifix necklace about the vampire's neck, forcing him to recoil. Marie then passed away without ever knowing the touch of the vampire.

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