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Liam McLean
Being Human 3x02 002
Liam McLean
Continuity: Being Human
Type: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Location: Massachusetts
Known relatives: Connor McLean (son)
Brynn McLean (daughter)
Died: 2013
1st appearance: "(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
Final: "Ruh Roh"
Actor: Xander Berkeley

Liam McLean is a fictional werewolf featured on the North American supernatural drama series Being Human, which is a remake of the UK series of the same name. Played by actor Xander Berkeley, he first appeared in the second episode of season three, "(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

Biography Edit

Liam McLean was a purebreed werewolf and the father of twins Connor and Brynn McLean. When he heard that Connor had been killed by a vampire, he tracked the scent until it brought him to a building occupied by a group of Amish virus-stricken vampires who had been associates of The Dutch. When he asked where his son was, they stepped aside revealing Connor's head in wolf-form nailed to the wall with metal ingots. Liam went mad and tore through the ailing vampires, destroying them with ease.

Liam knew that Connor and Brynn had become close friends. On the eve of the next full moon, he tracked Nora down and found the Boston storage facility where she kept herself locked up during the change. He wanted to find Brynn, but Nora had no idea where she was. Liam was distrusting of her, and sealed the door behind them to await the change. He wanted the "wolf" to decide whether or not Nora was being honest with him. When the full moon rose, the werewolves broke out of the storage facility. [1]

Early the following morning, Liam and Nora were sitting in the park where he continued to probe her for questions concerning his children, but she didn't give up what she knows concerning Connor's death. Nora was polite and it seems that Liam was beginning to trust her. He knew that the wolf within her was very strong. [2]

Notes & Trivia Edit

The character of Liam McLean was created by director Adam Kane and writer Nancy Won.

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