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Liam McKnight
True Blood 1x02 001
Liam McKnight
Continuity: True Blood
Type: Vampire
Gender: Male
Location: Monroe, Louisiana
Died: 2008
1st appearance: Dead Until Dark
"Strange Love"
Final: "Burning House of Love"
Actor: Graham Shiels

Liam McKnight is a fictional vampire from "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" series of novels written by Charlaine Harris. The novels have been adapted into the popular HBO television series, True Blood, where the role of Liam was played by actor Graham Shiels.

Biography Edit

Little is known about Liam other than he has been a vampire for well over fifty years. He appears to have been born somewhere in the Southeastern United States. Half a decade ago, Liam established a vampire nest with an African American vampire named Diane and a homosexual vampire elder named Malcolm in the city of Monroe, Louisiana. [1]

Like Malcolm and Diane, Liam was a depraved, maniacal vampire who cared little for the Great Revelation and had no qualms about using humans for his own personal means. He frequently took blood from a fangbanger named Janella Lennox, whom he also used to satisfy his sexual needs.

In 2008, Liam met another fangbanger named Maudette Pickens and engaged in violent, sexual bondage at her home in Bon Temps. Maudette videotaped their escapade and later showed it to another lover, Jason Stackhouse. Jason was greatly disturbed by the imagery and images of Liam's face haunted him for several nights to come. [2]

Liam, Diane and Malcolm paid an impromptu and unwelcome visit to another vampire named Bill Compton. Bill didn't want the nest inside his home, but as Malcolm was his superior, he had little choice but to offer them his hospitality. Compton's friend Sookie Stackhouse came over to visit and the three vampires likely would have drank her blood had Compton not put a stop to their actions. During this visit, Liam had Janella fellate him in front of everybody else in the room. [3][4]

The three returned to Monroe whereupon they killed Janella, suspending her body upside down from the ceiling where they drained her blood into a pail. [5]

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