Leon Basset
Walking Dead 1x01 010
Leon Basset
Continuity: The Walking Dead
Type: Law enforcement
Gender: Male
Location: King County, Georgia
Died: 2010
1st appearance: Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye
Actor: Linds Edwards

Leon Basset is a fictional police deputy and a minor character featured on the AMC survival horror series The Walking Dead. Played by actor Linds Edwards, he appeared in the pilot episode of the show, "Days Gone Bye".

Biography Edit

Leon Basset was a police deputy based out of King County, Georgia. Sometime around 2010, Basset, and three other deputies named Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh and Lam Kendal received an APB from neighboring Linden County reporting a high-speed pursuit in progress involving several armed suspects. They set up a road block and waited to meet the expectant criminals. Basset mused about their chances of getting on a police chase reality show. Rick todl him to focus, and worried about having a round in his gun chamber and the safety off. Basset sheepishly checked his Glock 17 while Shane suggested that it would be "kinda cool gettin' on one of them shows." The criminals approached, which led to a police shootout, resulting in Grimes being seriously injured and hospitalized.

Shortly thereafter, a viral outbreak swept across the country, turning the recently deceased into flesh-eating zombies. Basset was one of millions of such individuals affected. Months after the initial outbreak, Rick Grimes, having left the hospital, went to the King County Sheriff's Office to stock up on weapons. He found Basset who clawed at the chain link fence separating them. Though Rick admitted that he didn't think much of the young officer, he wasn't going leave him like this. He shot Leon in the forehead with his Colt Python, putting him down. [1]

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