Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Lee.

American Horror Story Edit

American Horror Story 3x02 003

Lee is a fictional alligator poacher and a minor character from the FX Network television series American Horror Story. He was featured in the third season storyline, "Coven", and appeared in episode 3x02, "Boy Parts". He was played by actor Kim Collins.

Lee and his friend Roy were alligator poachers operating out of the swamps in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lee and Roy baited alligators with jerk chicken, noting how the smell of the bait confused the animal's senses, making them easier to catch. After shooting a gator, they brought it back to their camp where they found a Bohemian swamp witch named Misty Day. Misty admonished them for the lives they had taken and Lee pulled a gun on her. What they didn't know was that Misty was also a witch. She brought one of the hanging alligators back to life and it lurched forward, biting down on Lee's arm. Lee managed to fire a shot into the air with his gun, but it is safe to assume that the reanimated gator finished him off.

Another character named Lee was featured in season six of the series, "Roanoke". She was a former police officer who lost her job after a shooting incident. Turning towards alcohol, she ruined her marriage to a man named Mason, which made things difficult for their daughter, Flora.

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