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Lauren Drake
Being Human 1.4 006
Lauren Drake
Continuity: Being Human
Type: Vampire
Gender: Female
Location: Totterdown, Bristol, England
Born: 1988[1]
Died: 2009[2]
1st appearance: "Pilot"
Final: "Where the Wild Things Are"
Actor: Dominique McElligott
Annabel Scholey

Lauren Drake is a fictional vampire and a recurring character featured in series one of the BBC supernatural drama series Being Human. She was played by actress Dominique McElligott in the original pilot movie, and by Annabel Scholey in the regular episodes.

Biography Edit

Lauren Drake was a twenty-year-old woman who lived in Totterdown in Bristol, England. In 2008, she became romantically involved with a man named John Mitchell. After a passionate evening together, Lauren learned to her chagrin that Mitchell was a vampire. He took too much blood from her, and Lauren died, but was resurrected as a vampire herself.

Lauren had a very tenuous grip on reality and the animalistic passions of being a vampire governed her every action. At first she was bitter towards Mitchell for ending her life, but the more time she spent with Mitchell's progenitor, William Herrick, the more she came to embrace her dark passions. Lauren enjoyed toying with Mitchell's emotions, making him feel guilty for turning her. Under Herrick's instruction, she bedded and killed a man while videotaping it. She sent the recording to Mitchell's flat. Although a vampire's image cannot be captured on film, Mitchell was horrified to watch this naked man in the throes of sex with an invisible entity.

Ultimately, Lauren came to forgive Mitchell and told him that she would no longer attempt to cause any more disparity in his life. However, she was remaining with Herrick and availing herself of his resources. When Lauren learned that Herrick had been maintaining a stable of unwilling human slaves, she decided to turn against him. She sided with Mitchell and helped Mitchell escape from St. Jude's Hospital where he was recuperating from a previous attack. Lauren killed Herrick's number one enforcer, Seth, by driving a stake through his back, piercing his heart. Once they were free of the hospital, Lauren asked Mitchell to end her existence. Reluctantly, he acquiesced and drove a stake through her heart.

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