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Lara Hoffman
Lara Hoffman
Lara Hoffman
Continuity: Dark Shadows
Notability: Supporting character
Gender: Female
Location: Barrettstown, Maine
Known relatives: Vincent Hoffman (husband)
Julia Hoffman (niece)
1st appearance: Dark Shadows: Book One #3
Final: Dark Shadows: Book One #4

Lara Hoffman is a fictional middle-aged woman featured in the Dark Shadows multimedia franchise. She is part of the continuity of the 1991 Dark Shadows television series, but only appeared in the comic book spin-offs relating to the title by Innovation Publishing. The character first appeared in Dark Shadows: Book One #3 in 1993.

Biography Edit

Lara grew up in the village of Barrettstown in Maine. As a young woman she married an older man named Vincent Hoffman – one of the town's leading elders. The Hoffmans represented one of the last families not to have suffered from centuries' worth of inbreeding. In 1991, Vincent and Lara ran afoul of an evil, immortal preacher named Redmond Swann. Swann had his misshapen ghouls capture the Hoffmans with plans on executing them. Swann saw a great evil inside of Lara – and his accusations were not without merit. Lara possessed certain healing capabilities, born of the fact that she was the reincarnation of an 18th century witch named Angelique. The Hoffmans' niece, Doctor Julia Hoffman arrived in Barrettstown along with Barnabas Collins to free the village from the villainy of Redmond Swann. When Swann placed a large crucifix upon Barnabas' chest, Lara conjured the powers of Angelique to heal the burning wound.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Lara Hoffman is an original character who was featured exclusively in the Dark Shadows comic book series. She never appeared in the television show.
  • In keeping with the structure of the character, illustrator E. Silas Smith paid homage to the original television series by crafting the character of Lara Hoffman in the image of actress Lara Parker, who played Angelique Collins. He even provided Hoffman with the first name of Lara – another subtle wink aimed towards fans of the old series.

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