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  • Based on the play "The Cat and the Canary" by John Willard.
  • Is a remake of the 1927 silent film The Cat and the Canary as well as the 1930 lost film The Cat Creeps. It was a common practice during the early days of talkies to recreate American films with a foreign cast, usually Spanish, French or German. La voluntad del muerto was filmed at the same time as The Cat Creeps.
  • Alternatively known as The Creeping Cat, The Cat Creeps, The Cat and the Canary and The Will of the Dead Man.
  • Production on La voluntad del muerto began in July, 1930 and concluded in August.
  • Director Enrique Tovar Ávalos also co-directed the Spanish version of Drácula along with George Melford, but was uncredited in the film. Enrique's work with the cast was a vital element to the film since Melford could not speak or understand Spanish.

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